I wanted to briefly highlight one of my favorite tools for working with colors: the aptly named coolors.

It’s a popular tool amongst web devs — if you haven’t heard of it, you’re in for a treat.

What I like about this site is:

  1. Its free tier doesn’t restrict key features, nor does it require login
  2. The user interface is fantastic compared to most color-picker tools
  3. The color palette generator is helpful when trying to brainstorm color combinations

Instant Color Palette Generation Link to this heading

To expand on #3 a bit:

I’m a very visual person. I find it hard to create color palettes off the cuff without first visualizing whether a set of colors suit each other.

Coolors allows me to generate a completely random set of colors or input a base set of predefined colors within seconds. It instantly generates suggested color combinations with the space bar — no color theory expertise is necessary.

If it looks good, I can tell right away from the palette. If only a subset of the colors suit my needs, I can lock the favorable colors and generate new ones based on the locked palette.

As a bonus, each new palette exposes a unique URL for easy bookmarking.

It’s a simple workflow but very powerful for quickly experimenting with color palettes for web design projects.

Try it out; you won’t be disappointed!


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