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Hi, I'm Will.

Self-taught developer, freelancer, and self-proclaimed jack-of-all-Internet-trades. I'm interested in web tech, design, digital marketing, and their intersection with the business world (among other things).

Below, you'll find a list of the projects I've worked on over the years and my preferred tech stack. If you have any questions or would like to discuss working together, you can reach me at the following:


A combination of open source projects, websites, web apps, and other miscellaneous online ventures.

Current Projects

New projects that I'm working on currently.

  • Web Agency (TBA): Starting a full-service, business-focused web agency centered around growth, speed and automation
  • Software Product (TBA): Keeping my eyes peeled for viable business problems I can build a software solution for

Recent Projects

Projects I've completed recently that are either archived or in maintenance mode.

  • Hugo Liftoff (src) (2021-Present): A blog/portfolio website theme for technical content creators (Hugo)
  • Holmes Construction (2017-Present): A small business site for a local contractor to showcase projects and collect leads (Hugo)
  • pyspeedinsights (src) (2022-23): A CLI package for automating bulk website audits and analyzing them in Excel (Python)
  • Free Fitness Tools (src) (2022-23): A free set of tools/calculators for fitness enthusiasts (JavaScript)
  • Move the Chains (2019-23): A web-based (American) football simulation match engine (Python/Django)

Legacy Projects (RIP)

Older projects that have been sunset for good due to failure or lack of interest.

  • Tribe Radar (2021-22): A searchable directory of online communities powered by user submissions (Python/Django)
  • Producer Vibe (2020): An eCommerce clothing brand for electronic music producers (Shopify)
  • OSRS Loadouts (2019): A loadout management tool for a popular throwback MMO game (Django/Vue.js)
  • ThreadSeek (2017): A men's clothing deal aggregation site powered by the Reddit API (Flask)
  • (2016-Present): Previous iterations of this site, mostly blogs (Hugo, WordPress)
  • Misc (2014-Present): Countless other crazy ideas and side hustles that didn't pan out; stories for another day


The tech stack and software tools I work with the most.

Tech Stack

  • Languages: Python, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass/SCSS
  • Languages (Secondary): Go, PHP, TypeScript, C, Bash, Markdown
  • Frameworks: Django/DRF, React, Bootstrap, Hugo, WordPress
  • Frameworks (Secondary): Flask, FastAPI, Next.js, Shopify
  • Hosting/Email: Netlify, Digital Ocean, Ubuntu Linux, Google Workspace, Sendgrid
  • Misc: git/GitHub, VSCode, Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Sentry

Software Tools

  • Marketing/Analytics: GA, GSC, GTM, Ahrefs, Looker, Mailerlite
  • Design/Creative: Figma, Photoshop, Canva, Logic Pro, Premiere Pro
  • Automation/No-code: Zapier, Make, Airtable
  • Productivity: Trello, Obsidian, Excel, Google Calendar/Tasks

About this site

I used to maintain a rather complex blog and content creation workflow in Hugo. It took up a lot of my time for very little in return and I grew tired of managing it over the years. I recently decided to switch to this basic one-pager I threw together with HTML/CSS that simply lists out my projects and a little bit about myself. I'm hoping this'll help reduce distractions so I can focus more on needle-moving tasks.