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Hey, I'm Will. I'm a self-taught developer interested in web technology, digital marketing, and web design. I use this site to document what I'm learning as I attempt to build and grow various web projects.

Hugo: Prevent Spammers From Scraping Your Email With JS

With a one-liner in Hugo and a bit of basic JavaScript, you'll never have to manually jumble your email address again to prevent scrapers from getting to it.

Should you learn frontend or backend? Neither. Do this instead.

In the age of bootcamps, roadmaps, and hustle, going with the flow and enjoying the process is a far better approach than following a strict learning regimen.

Installing django-extensions graph_models With Docker

How to install required dependencies to use the django-extensions app's graph_models feature while running a Django app in a Docker container.

  • Python
  • aiohttp


A simple Python CLI that parses your sitemap, sends async requests to the PageSpeed Insights API, and writes color-coded Lighthouse results to Excel.