Blog Stats

This is an overview of my blog’s traffic and SEO stats. The reports are generated with Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) and embedded as <iframe>s. Inspired by Simo Ahava’s blog stats page.

While these stats are nowhere near impressive, I thought it might be fun to keep a tally of them publicly. This is more of a hobby blog after all (progress, learnings, etc.).

Note: I originally began publishing content on this site in August 2020. It was briefly taken down in 2021 and resurrected in early 2022. That’s why there’s a lack of historical stats at the moment.

GA4 Traffic Stats Link to this heading

These stats only go back to August 2022 (when I first enabled GA4). I can’t be bothered including legacy UA stats due to its impending deprecation.

SEO stats Link to this heading

Google Search Console data from Febrary 2022 onwards. The lifetime total is somewhere closer to 3x this.