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Hugo: Prevent Spammers From Scraping Your Email With JS

With a one-liner in Hugo and a bit of basic JavaScript, you'll never have to manually jumble your email address again to prevent scrapers from getting to it.

Installing django-extensions graph_models With Docker

How to install required dependencies to use the django-extensions app's graph_models feature while running a Django app in a Docker container.

The Simple Way to Validate Demand for Product Ideas

People tend to overcomplicate validating ideas or market demand for products. Some skip it altogether. But it's not as hard as you think.

The Most Useful Technical Skills for Digital Marketers

Exploring the most in-demand technical skills for digital marketers with learning resources and in-depth explanations.

Generating Leads With Facebook Ads to Validate a Web Game Idea (Case Study)

The process I used to build a pre-launch list of nearly 500 users for an online game. How I did it, and what I would do differently.

Generating Leads for a Local Business with Google Ads (Case Study)

A detailed case study covering how to generate leads for a local business with paid traffic using Google Ads.

The Notion System Design That Revolutionized My Productivity

I consolidated all six of my productivity apps into one Notion system and my procrastination went away practically overnight. Find out how.